ATES Celebrates Arab American Heritage Month

Voices from Our School Community

By Ashley Ireland
April 29, 2024

ATES celebrates the diverse perspectives within the school community while highlighting the importance of Arab American Heritage Month. It aims to foster understanding, empathy, and appreciation for Arab American culture and contributions. Students and staff had the opportunity to share on the ATTV Morning News Show. Below are a few highlights from this last month. View the full playlist on YouTube.


Saeed, Kindergarten Student

Nsma, 4th Grade Student

Hadil Bayoumy, 2nd Grade Special Education Teacher

Rawya Hassan, Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

As we reflect on the significance of Arab American Heritage Month, let us continue to uplift and amplify the voices of Arab Americans in our school and beyond. Together, let us build a more inclusive and equitable society where every individual is celebrated and valued for who they are.

Happy Arab American Heritage Month!