Young Scholars

ATES Young Scholars Model

Young Scholars Model

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Fairfax County Public Schools developed the Young Scholars Model to increase the proportion of historically underrepresented students in advanced academic programs. 

Young Scholars at the elementary level require access to advanced strategies and curriculum as well as supports and nurturing to reach their potential. As a school district, we embrace a growth mindset for all learners and expect all students to engage in rigorous, high-level learning opportunities.

Through this access and with guidance, students will learn to persist to accomplish difficult tasks and overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals. 

Implementation of a strong Young Scholars model at the local school will allow students to develop confidence in their abilities, realize their potential, develop the attributes of the Portrait of a Graduate, and prepare for success in rigorous coursework at the secondary school level.  

Young Scholars Logo

All Young Scholars identified in SIS will have a "YS" flag, similar to flags for students with medical notes or IEPs. School staff should understand the flag’s meaning and implications for academic advising and instruction. Students will have both a YS flag as well as an AAP status of II, III, or IV. It is important for identified YS to both receive AAP interventions as well as the complementary supports and foci of the YS model as they develop K-12.

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